Balloon and mixed material sculptures/ installations

***Unfortunately latex balloons can be misused in a way that is not that healthy for the environment.
I think about this and how I can reduce my pollution as much as possible.
For this reason I only use biodegradable balloons that are manufactured by Sempertex and Qualatex.
These balloons are

made out of natural latex and there are no artificial additives used.
I don’t throw any used balloons away..
burning latex is toxic so please don’t put your balloons in the trash.
I collect the deflated balloons so I can use it for a big new sculpture.

If u have any questions about the environmental impact of producing natural latex and when it’s polluting and when it is not, you can always contact me.
If u purchased  one of my sculptures and like me to pick up the deflated balloons so i can re-use the material, you can also

contact me