I think it is important to use balloons in a responsible way. This beause a latex balloon can be unhealthy for the environment.
I try to reduce my pollution as much as possible and keep on informing myself in the background of the material and possible solutions.

- Most balloons are not plastic. I use degradable balloons that are made out of only natural latex without artificial additves.

- I take care of my surroundings and pick up all scraps and popped balloons.

- because of the bright color and movement animals can mistaken an old lost balloon as prey
If they swallow the balloons it can kill them.
I Make sure all the used balloons are deflated and put into a closed bag.

- I collect most of  the deflated balloons and try to keep them separate from the trash as much as possible so it does not get burned in the waste process.
I keep the used material at my workspace.

- I usually built down my own decors so I know for sure what happends with the deflated balloons. If u purchased one of my sculptures and like me to pick up the deflated balloons, you can contact me.

If u have any questions about the way i use the material or want more information about the environmental impact of latex balloons, you can always contact me.